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23 Mar | Lincoln News

Dame Stephanie Shirley opens the Eleanor Glanville Centre

The Eleanor Glanville Centre was officially launched by Dame Stephanie Shirley on Tuesday 21st March at the University of Lincoln

The day kicked off with a book club hosted by Professor Lucie Armitt generating thought-provoking discussions about being ‘fearless’, the myth of having it all, what exactly what is meant by ‘dressing for success’ and should we buy into it?

Our exhibition showcased interdisciplinary research from across the University, along with case-studies and initiatives being undertaken to balance biases. The School of Computer Science exhibited a new board game designed to raise awareness of the gender gap in the IT industry, and guests were challenged to reflect on their implicit gender biases through taking the ‘Mind the Gap’ gender role association test.

The evening lecture, 'A Woman's Story' by Dame Stephanie Shirley, was introduced by Pro Vice Chancellor Professor Susan Rigby, who referred to the Eleanor Glanville Centre as ‘the most exciting thing to happen at the University of Lincoln in the last six years!’. Dame Stephanie's talk was inspiring, telling her story about being a woman in business and what it takes to be a success in a world that was not, and is still not equal, interestingly describing herself as a 'humanist', but not a feminist. The lecture ended with the official opening of the Centre, followed by a lively reception with wine, nibbles and a book signing by Dame Stephanie ‘Steve’ Shirley of her book 'Let IT Go'.


Let IT Go: The Story of the Entrepreneur Turned Ardent Philanthropist                

Dame Stephanie Shirley is one of Britain's leading philanthropists and has devoted most of her life to helping good causes, especially those close to her heart. This fascinating memoir charts Dame Stephanie's life from her time as a child in Germany and arrival in England as an unaccompanied Kindertransport refugee through to her retirement and dedication to charity. It is an amazing read which will take you through the entire range of emotions - from happiness at the success of her original company Freelance Programmers through to the ultimate sadness of losing her only child.