28 Feb | Gender Equality | Lincoln News

Being an Early Career Feminist Academic

This book highlights the experiences of feminist early career researchers and teachers from an international perspective in an increasingly neoliberal academy.

Higher education is fast-changing, increasingly market-driven, and precarious. In this context entering the academy as an early career academic presents both challenges and opportunities. Early career academics frequently face the prospect of working on fixed term contracts, with little security and no certain prospect of advancement, while constantly looking for the next role. Being a feminist academic adds a further layer of complexity: the ethos of the marketising university where students are increasingly viewed as ‘customers’ may sit uneasily with a politics of equality for all. Feminist values and practice can provide a means of working through the challenges, but may also bring complications. 

Edited by Rachel Thwaites, a Lecturer in Sociology in the College of Social Science. She has interests in gender, identities, higher education, health and illness, emotion work, naming, and qualitative methods.  She has published on British women's naming decisions on marriage and sense of identity, choice feminism, and older people's experiences of emergency admission to hospital.
Amy Pressland is International HR Projects Manager for DB Cargo UK working on an international research project called Women in Management. Previously she was Lecturer in Education at the University of East Anglia, UK and has published articles and book chapters on mixed-sex sport in HE, European media representations of gender at major sporting events, the surveillance of sportswomen's bodies in British newspapers, and the media coverage of women's boxing..