• BAME female staring at the ceiling. Illustrating the frustrating glass ceiling fro women
05 Feb | Gender Equality | Women in Leadership

Be Inspired! Lecture: Off the sticky floor: make room for yourself

Women have made great advances in leadership roles over the past decade; however, there are still many challenges to be faced and overcome. While we are all too familiar with the metaphor of a glass ceiling that puts the onus on others, the ‘sticky floor’ puts the ball straight back in our court.

The January Be Inspired! Lecture: ‘Off the ‘sticky floor: make room for yourself’ was presented by Ruchi Aggarwal, Director of Business Development in the Lincoln International Business School Executive Office.

Her talk indeed inspired us get off that ‘sticky floor’ through seven reflections starting with the importance of identifying ones true personal brand encompassing talents, values, passion, strength, ideals and experiences, as well as the importance of the famous/dreaded elevator pitch!
Ruchi also tackled the very real issue of ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and the stark difference in how we perceive ourselves to been seen and how the world really sees us. We were challenged to look at our own unconscious biases and redefine what real power means.
The overall message was that power lies in our own hands, to create our own success!
The lecture was followed by a short question and answer period which continued well into the wine reception!

If you missed the lecture or would like to watch it again please click here