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19 Jul | Diversity & Inclusion | Gender Equality

3rd National Gender in Early Years Conference

The Eleanor Glanville Centre attended the 3rd National Gender in Early Years Conference Sponsored by Bristol Men in Early Years Network

The conference brought together Early Years Educators, Professionals, Academics, Students and Policy Makers with an interest in ‘challenging both gender imbalance and stereotypes in education.’ The event attracted many high-profile speakers including Lord Robert Winston and International Education Consultant Lucy Crehan. Opening the day was keynote speaker Graham Andre ‘No more boys and girls: Can our kids go gender free?’ Graham spoke about his gender neutral approach to teaching and the impact it’s had on his students, colleagues and the wider community.

There was an impressive array of workshops where delegates were encouraged to think critically about how biases in educational environments can reinforce damaging stereotypes we place on young children. Olivia Dickinson facilitated the ‘Let Toys be Toys’ workshop exploring how ‘practitioners can challenge gender stereotypes in early years settings, why it matters for both boys and girls, with a wider view of what parents and society can do and why it's important to start early.’

The Bristol Men in Early Years (BMIEY) works to ‘transform the way we think about gender in the early years and promotes the value of a diverse workforce as role models for children. With an aim to encourage evidence-based practice and promote gender flexible pedagogy.’ The BMIEY also aim to challenge the low status attributed to the profession. Seeing the period in which children develop their own set of values and beliefs about themselves and society as crucial, and believe this can achieved through policy and practice informed by research.