Inspirational & motivational Lectures

  • woman from behind gesturing to a speaker. Looking thoroughly inspired by what she has heard

The Eleanor Glanville Centre hosts a number of Lecture Series that both inspire and motivate students and academics to successful careers.

Be Inspired!

The ‘Be Inspired!’ Lecture series, which is free and open to the public, is a series of inspirational lectures and thought-provoking talks by successful figures under-represented in their field. Occasionally we film the lectures, so that you can enjoy them again. Check out our video store.

The Glanville Lectures

 The Glanville Lectures are public lectures held annually, that bring truly motivational speakers to Lincoln.

Young Minds

Each year a new cohort from our 'Newton Academy - the science club for girls' completes their three-year programme, and each year we celebrate their graduation with a Young Minds lecture. By inviting an exceptional scientist to Lincoln, we hope to inspire the Newton girls to do great things in the future.