what do we do?

  • exhibition posters from the EGC launch

The work and activities of the Eleanor Glanville Centre are centred on a core commitment to facilitate the sustainable development of an inclusive culture - both at the University and in wider society. One of our key cross-cutting themes, therefore, is to ensure equality of opportunity - to ensure that no one is left behind

Photo credit: Leila Lamoureux

sustainable development of an inclusive culture

Building a fully-integrated inclusive culture within the core business of the University (learning, teaching and creating new knowledge) starts with engagement and awareness-raising:

  • Leading university-wide engagement with the Athena SWAN and Race Equality Charters - all Schools are on their journey towards an Athena SWAN award.
  • Coordinating, supporting and guiding the development and implementation of Athena SWAN Award applications and Action Plans
  • Providing a space for discussion and a forum for change - bringing equality issues to the forefront
  • Tackling conscious and unconscious biases
  • Running workshops and seminars
  • Organising inspiring lectures
  • Producing 'best-practice' guidelines
  • Facilitating university-wide celebrations around inclusion and diversity
  • Reviewing (extenal) Athena SWAN applications from UK Universities 
  • Representing the University on the ECU Athena SWAN Midlands Network

ensuring that no one is left behind

The Centre develops and champions activities and initiatives that aim to 'balance the bias' at all levels of the University:

  • Creating and coordinating support and mentoring networks
  • Facilitating focus groups to identify barriers and open dialogue
  • Helping to sustain research through and after maternity leave for STEMM academics
  • Providing a route back to research for men and women following extended career breaks
  • Inspiring the next generation of female scientists and engineers 

creating new knowledge and understanding

Underpinning our core commitment to facilitate the sustainable development of an inclusive culture across the University and in wider society is the interdisciplinary research that develops our knowledge and understanding of the biasses that lead to barriers, and allows mitigation to be developed and tested:

  • Building critical mass for Centre-related research from the University's research community
  • Developing research themes around key equality, inclusion and diversity issues 
  • Facilitating interdisciplinary research project development through 'sandpits' and 'research retreats'
  • Holding 'funding focus' meetings to encourage application submissions to targeted funding opportunities (e.g. RCUK)
  • ​Hosting research showcases and the EGC Conference
  • Engagement with key stakeholders 

Influencing policy

The Centre's activities around the sustainable development of an inclusive culture, providing equality of opportunity at all levels across the University, will be underpinned by excellent research that is both interdisciplinary and impactful. Success will be measured through the impact we generate - through establishing a centre of excellence - through influencing national and international policy - through making a difference!