vision, goals & strategy

  • chess pieces being moved - depicting strategic moves

The EGC seeks to understand, challenge and redress discrimination and inequalities within the University and wider society. It seeks to develop disruptive strategies to effect transformational change and the sustainable development of inclusive cultures and inclusive environments, ensuring no one is left behind

one vision

  • Evidence—Action—Impact: a Centre for Excellence in transformational culture change 

two goals

  • EVIDENCE: Build the evidence base for transformational change through interdisciplinary research that sits within an international network
  • ACTION: Establish a coherent strategy for sustainable and inclusive cultures and environments across the institution, informed by research and implemented through a coordinated approach 

three strategies

  • INNOVATE: Be disruptive. Be progressive. Do things differently. 
  • IMPLEMENT: Remove the opportunity for bias. Challenge discrimination. Create a level playing-field for all.
  • IMPACT: Use research to effect transformational change. Develop impact indicators to measure change. Evaluate progress. Review.