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27 Jun | Gender Equality

Does volunteering damage your career?

Research shows that women are more likely than men to volunteer for a non-promotable task, to be asked outright to do it, and to be the one who agrees to take it on when no one else will. While this imbalance may seem frustrating but essentially harmless, its consequences may, in fact, be pernicious.

"Running a faculty event, writing a report, sitting on a sub-committee: all jobs that need doing, but they come low on most priority lists.

The heart-sinking moment when an appeal is made for a volunteer to take on a necessary but unrewarding task is all too familiar – and the clock ticks away until someone finally gives in and steps up. But what may seem a short-term inconvenience for the reluctant volunteer might well be part of a wider issue with serious consequences for the future of the HE sector"


Extract from:

Women who volunteer still don't get the credit

Jo Mitchell, WONKE Daily, 27 June 2018