Research Office

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The University of Lincoln’s Research Office provides guidance, advice and information on funding opportunities, research bids and contractual advice

We provide expert services in research funding and support to colleagues including:

  • Identification and targeted dissemination of funding opportunities
  • Development of research proposals including redrafting and detailed comments
  • Costing and pricing of research proposals
  • Advice on eligibility issues and funder requirements
  • Guidance on good research practice, ethics and governance
  • Coordinating internal approvals and electronic bid submission
  • Contractual advice and guidance
  • Project set-up and post-award management support.

We also offer regular staff development and training events on finding research funding, research grant development and EU funding.

Research Development Manager (RCUK/Charities)

Dr Paula Eves

Research Development Manager (RCUK/Charities)

  01522 837867

Paula works across the Colleges of Arts, Social Science, Science and the Lincoln International Business School to help develop, implement and deliver strategies for increasing the quantity and range of university research income from RCUK and Charities. Paula has over 14 years of interdisciplinary experience stemming from a research background in the field of Tissue Engineering. For the past 6 years Paula has worked in a research development role supporting and developing large and high value research bids, nurturing and expanding cross-disciplinary research strengths in a number of strategic areas and encouraging the cross-fertilisation of research ideas and concepts. Paula is passionate about helping teams explore different perspectives that can introduce a new way of looking at a problem with the ultimate goal of finding more innovative ways of addressing a research challenge. When working with individuals Paula aims to create a dynamic environment that encourages them to be curious, to stretch their thinking and to support them in taking a few risks in order to stimulate research activities beyond conventional discipline boundaries. 

College Research Officer (Arts)

Cate Neal

College Research Officer (Arts)

  01522 83 7897

Cate is a College Research Officer in Research and Enterprise. Her role is to identify and promote targeted research, CPD and consultancy funding opportunities to identified academics, driving bidding activity and success levels. She provides pro-active support, assisting academic colleagues in the development of funding applications and support in maximising the value of any contract post-award.

College Research Officer (science)

Amy Farrell

College Research Officer (science)

  01522 83 7870

Amy is a College Research Officer in Research and Enterprise, primarily aligned to the College of Science, however covering projects across all four colleges. Her role involves handling pre-award projects across all four colleges, working within the Research & Enterprise team to offer support in proposal development and external funders. The role also includes the dissemination of targeted funding opportunities, the management of internal authorisation procedures and proposal budget composition. In addition, the role provides support in event management for the Research Development Managers, arranging and hosting Speed Networking Events and workshops across colleges.